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Emuskie13 6 days ago


What is there to say about the chocolate cake? Words cannot describe the level of anticipation as you sit waiting for the server to bring your dessert. Your mouth salivates as you watch the plate make its way to your table. You savor the overwhelming chocolatey goodness that washes over you with the first bite. Tears come to your eyes as you realize that this is what heaven must taste like as you take your second bite. Your heart swims in the warmth of the ooey-gooey fudge that accompanies the third bite. You smile contentedly, forgetting the world and troubles as you work your way through this slice of heaven. With your last bite, you contemplate licking the plate to savor every last drop of the decadence that is the chocolate cake.

Mysweetpetunias 13 days ago

Vegetarian Stir Fry with "Chick'n"

My husband's uncle was visiting from Denmark and as we all had varied tastes in food, we knew that Odyssey World Cafe was the perfect place for dinner. I was pleased to see all of the vegetarian options. Each item was delicious, fresh, and unique. The atmosphere was relaxed and inviting. The kids really enjoyed the trivia card game at our table. It was a lovely experience all the way around - excellent service, wonderful food, ambience, and a lot of fun with family.

Gsenorita7 13 days ago

Ahi Tuna Salad

Very pleasant restaurant with a large variety of dishes, leaning towards the Mediterranean. It is a casual dining atmosphere, you order at the counter , fill your own drink(after purchase) and seat yourself. You're food is delivered to your table by a very pleasant staff member. My salad was topped with seared ahi, encrusted with sesame seeds. Mandarin oranges, crispy wonton strips and an asaian vinaigrette , accompanied with a side of creamy wasabi dreassing complemented my dish. I highly recommend trying this salad, as it was fresh, filling and very tasty. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Michellelucerok 14 days ago

Salmon Alfredo

Whenever I come to Odyssey Cafe, I either get Salmon Alfredo or the Salmon Pesto Sandwich and they're delicious every single time. The service is always fast and friendly and the food is always amazing.

Chloegannage 24 days ago

Grilled Salmon Salad

The Salmon salad is by far my favorite thing to order at Odyssey. The warm roasted veggies slightly wilt the greens, in an amazing way that complement the tangy bites of feta. The salmon always has this nice crispness to the outside, while being perfectly cooked. Safe to say it is a salad you will crave! (Even my salmon hating husband will sneak a few bites!)

Anniepwheeler about 1 month ago

Grilled Chicken Salad

Super tasty and super refreshing! The peppers really add to the flavors!

Anniepwheeler about 1 month ago

Meatballs Marinara

This dish is super simple but so good! The sauce is really thick and delish!

Anniepwheeler about 1 month ago

Cheese Tortellini

The tortellini is always so fresh and delicious! It's definitely a staple every time I'm here!

Danika about 2 months ago

Sweet & Spicy Stir Fry

My family and I have been coming here since I was in highschool (2012) my favorite thing to get was the french dip, the pesto pasta with sundried tomatoes and the chocolate cake. I obsess over the stirfry lately, it never dissapoints. I always leave here full! 10/10 definetly reccomend, if you havent ventured out yet to try it your missing out!

Susie 3 months ago

Ahi Tuna Stir Fry

By far my favorite place to eat in Paso. My go to for 20 ? years. Ahi is fresh and sauce is so tasty!

Llesseniaf007 4 months ago

Rib Eye Sandwich

Every time I'm in town for a visit I always make it a point to stop by, this is my favorite restaurant in town. The atmosphere is relaxing and fun, and the food never disappoints!

Kendallott11 4 months ago

Grilled Chicken on Ciabatta

AMAZING sandwich. Perfect flavor combination

Samean 4 months ago

Vegetarian Stir Fry with "Chick'n"

Good food 👍

Brookebell713 4 months ago

Toasted Turkey Sandwich

I love the toasted turkey but am so bummed now that the bread isn't your home made bread it's not the same! We are all bummed bring back the delicious original fresh bread!!!

B 4 months ago

Grilled Chicken on Ciabatta

I have been getting the same dang sandwich for YEARS now. I don't even like sandwiches, you guys, but their ciabatta and pesto aioli???? It converted me. Love these guys, and the staff are always as quick as they are kind.

Areyn88 5 months ago

Sweet & Spicy Stir Fry

The sweet and spicy chicken stir fry is always my go-to for dinner. It is always slightly different everytime you order and never overly spicy.

Jennybilek4 5 months ago

Chicken Bruschetta Sandwich

I absolutely love the chicken bruschetta sandwich on fresh made bread. It is garlicky, has the acid from the basalmic, and is just so good! I highly reccomend this sandwich with the penne pasta salad!

Jrdewhur 5 months ago

Salmon Tacos

My favorite Salmon Tacos....ever! They are HUGE and have a great flavor. The sauce they come with is super yummy and the Salmon always taste fresh and they are very generous with the portions!

Kandilene304 6 months ago

Ahi Tuna Salad

I usually get my Ahi Salad to go and eat it at my desk at work. It is FRESH so it doesn't bother my work mates. I love how they put the Ahi in foil so it doesn't wilt the salad. Always a yummy peice of bread to clean up the deliciousness at the end of the salad, the dressing is SO good, i always get 2! Great service and quick turn around. When we eat in it is always comfortable and pleasant. Love, love, love Odyssey!

Kendrascott516 6 months ago

Cheese Tortellini

Very flavorful so good!

Dglocklee 7 days ago

Rib-Eye Steak

Always cooked perfect. My favorite meal here.

Terri 13 days ago

Grilled Salmon on Ciabatta

My meals at Odyssey never fail to impress. The best thing about them is consistency. They are consistently flavorful, balanced, satiating, and perfectly portioned. Every time is like the last. I have a few favorites, like anything salmon. I also REALLY like their lamb gyro and burger. I eat there almost weekly because of their selection of styles of food and their service. They know customer service. I'm always welcomed and greeted warmly. Anyone who asks me for restaurant recommendations hears Odyssey World Cafe first.

Leatherwood 14 days ago

Chicken Caesar Salad

There is nothing quite like cozying up at Odyssey world cafe on a cold fall afternoon in Paso Robles. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the food is hot and the service is speedy. Every time I'm in town I meet up here with my theatre friends and we sip hot cocoa and play a game of trivia. (Which they provide as well). On my last visit I ordered the chicken Caesar salad and it was perfect. Clean, rich ingredients and they hit the spot nicely. Not too big, not too small. I highly recommend this place to anyone visiting the area.

Steven3484 14 days ago

Chicken Marsala

I live in Paso and eat at the Odyssey often, I mean real often. I chose Chicken Marsala because it's one of my favorites, but I also often order the ribeye caesar salad. Another go-to for me is the teriyaki chicken bowl and when I want something quick and tasty, I go for one of the two soups that are always good. My experience at the Odyssey is the menu is varied so there's always lots of choices, the quality of the dishes doesn't vary from day to day or week to week. I also like the Odyssey's order-and-pay-at-the-counter set up, which is quicker and more convenient than the more traditional drinks, then waiter, then food time wasting routine. Go to the Odyssey, it will probably become your favorite eatery in Paso.

Anniepwheeler about 1 month ago

Lamb Feta Burger

Absolutely amazing! We get this every time we come!

Anniepwheeler about 1 month ago

Fettuccine Alfredo

One of their best pastas! It's super creamy, and the garlic makes it pop!

Anniepwheeler about 1 month ago

Salmon Tacos

The salmon tacos are amazing! There's always some to take home enjoy later!

Rachel about 2 months ago

Ahi Tuna Salad

Odyssey is our new go to place once a week at least food is very good, great selection of everything. Customer service is outstanding . We usually go for at least one special night and a weekend, we've tried several menu items. Never disappointed.

Sahanemuftuoglu 3 months ago

Reuben on Rye

This is the best reuben i have had in my life. And the bread is so fresh and tasty. Just like everything else here. Friendly and comfortable atmosphere with plenty space, delicious food, beverages and deserts!

Aishahernandez94 3 months ago

Chicken Bruschetta Sandwich

Best sandwich I've ever had! Every time I go I order this! Everything on the menu is amazing, but this sandwich is the winner every time.

Merry293 4 months ago

Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap

Enjoyed lunch and Lemon White Chocolate Cake for dessert. The atmosphere is casual and relaxing. We are able to enjoy our lunch and talk. We also have had dinner a number of times. We enjoy the Odyssey, as the meals are reasonably priced and the wine and beer choices are very nice.

Johnhhawley 4 months ago

Toasted Turkey Sandwich

Brookebell713, we still use our "old" bread for soups and salads. If you ask when you order, they can usually make it on that bread instead (it's a little different as it has cheese on it)

Amwilks044 4 months ago

Ahi Tuna Stir Fry

Superb!! Odyssey World Cafe is truly a local gem. My husband and I have been enjoying your menu for 20 yrs. When family or friends visit us, we make sure they enjoy one of your wonderful meals!

Hrhansen717 4 months ago

Asian Chicken Salad

The chicken was moist, the greens were fresh and the dressing was delicious. Odessey has quickly become a family favorite for us downtown, which isn't an easy feat as a family of 5.

Valeriedeltoro 5 months ago

Grilled Salmon Salad

Went for lunch. Ordered the salmon salad. Substituted Ahi for the salmon. Was absolutely spectacular! The grilled vegetables were delicious and the ahi was sesame crusted. Just delicious!

Thebrennajones 5 months ago

Apples & Walnuts

My favorite side to order! It's so good.

Jrdewhur 5 months ago

Rib Eye Steak Salad

My FAVORITE salad. Always my go to. The blue cheese dressing is SUPER yummy and I love this salad. It's always my go to!

Slpmom83 5 months ago

Grilled Salmon Salad

Interesting combination of flavors. First time trying the food here, took it to go. Will have to try dining in the restaurant next time.

Blazenfoote 6 months ago

Bacon Lettuce Tomato & Avocado

This is the best BLT ever! Who else makes a delicious garlic aioli spread on artisan, home-made bread? Plenty of thick bacon and fresh, ultra green avocado. I usually get a half sandwich and a cup of their soup of the day.

Kendrascott516 6 months ago

Fettuccine Alfredo

By far the best Alfredo I've ever had!!!


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